Empowering Cooperatives To Secure Their Future

KO Consulting is the leader in developing information security solutions for ​electric cooperatives.


The best information security strategy is sound risk management.

​We offer a customizable, best-in-class approach for reducing risk in order to meet information security needs, without interrupting your ability to supply reliable, affordable, and secure electric needs.

Cyber Security

We provide proven frameworks to help you build cyber security into every aspect of your organization.

Data Protection

Your clients trust you to keep their data safe. Together, we can design a custom privacy program that meets those needs.

Risk Management

Threats are everywhere, but we can help your organization understand and manage those risks.

Facing the cyber security challenges of tomorrow.

As threats to information security grow in numbers and complexity, everyone at your company must play a part in maintaining security.

At Kessler & O’Shaughnessy Consulting, LLC (KO Consulting), we tackle your unique security needs with a prioritized, flexible, repeatable, performance-based, and cost-effective approach. Focusing on the development of a universal security culture to instill security practices into every part of your business, from the Board of Directors to day-to-day personnel. Creating customized solutions designed to help cooperatives defend against information security risks.

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